The latest TS2 disc brake version retains the robust features of the original ECO disc brake caliper but TS2 is lighter. Operating with single-tappet technology along with active pad backplate reinforcement, gives an even distribution of braking force within the brake pads and disc, ensuring a long service life. Trailer manufacturers previously relied on disc brake calipers derived from truck disc brakes. However, the BPW ECO disc caliper is designed and manufactured by BPW to meet the exact requirements of the trailer market specifically. Millions of BPW ECO disc brakes have been produced, and with modern offset single-tappet technology, it remains one of the most widely sold trailer disc brakes globally.

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Features & Benefits

  • Compact design mounted direct to the axle beam, eliminating the need for a brake carrier and resulting in weight saving
  • Easier access to adjustment mechanism allows for quicker change of disc pads
  • Easy disc replacement as there is no need for brake caliper dismantling when changing the brake disc
  • Improvised sealing of contaminants against thermal and mechanical damage

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